Back to fishing

Back to fishing

After leaving the fishing industry over ten years ago to start a career in the offshore wind industry, due to certain events in my life I have recently done two trips, one as mate and one as skipper on a fishing vessel. Over the last twenty two months I have had to change my working life dramatically since my wife was diagnosed with cancer and our priorities have been changed, our lives now revolve around three weekly chemotherapy sessions and three monthly scan. On the plus side my wife Kim’s condition is stable which is good for us.

Anyway getting back to the fishing, my good friend was in Plymouth landing his catch and as always he gave me a call to tell me he had some fish for me, he also needed to be taken to the hospital as he had a dirty big abscess growing out of his neck, but as we were talking about the fishing he said his company were always looking for class 1 fishing skippers which is the fishing qualification that I possess, I did tell him about my limited availability but he said he would mention me to his firm. Just before Christmas I got a call to go on a vessel as mate, I had already skippered this vessel when I was fishing previously, but mate was good after a ten year absence. The trip went well and I was surprised how quickly that I got back into the swing of things. Then middle of February I was asked to do a trip as mate and then skipper. The skipper on the vessel used to be my deckhand so he has done well in his career. Well we didn’t manage to sail the first week due to bad weather so I just decided to go for it and skipper the boat for the second week otherwise Fred would not get of. That week the gods of the sea must have been smiling on me because the weather was beautiful for mid February and we caught a few scallops as well. I must admit after ten years wind farming and sometimes feeling that you cant breathe without some sort of new procedure or form to fill in, the few weeks fishing has been like a breath of fresh air. A few of my friends have also returned to fishing and have said the same thing. I don’t think it is the end of wind farming for me, the thing that has changed is my priority to work and the need to be home every three weeks for Kim’s chemo or scans when due. So it is a case of whoever hopefully wants me when I am available. I have attached some photo’s I have taken over the years, all the vessels are fishing for Scallops, I did have a load from when I was longlining but they are all on a buggered up hard drive which I am deciding whether to pay the money and get the info of it.

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