My Landrover Experience

I have owned some type of land rover for the last ten years and must admit that they are one of the most amazing adaptable vehicles I have ever owned. What got me into land rover ownership was not because I fancied one but I didn’t want to put these little babies in me  That would be 75 kgs of drooling newfoundland’s ruining the leather upholstery in my nice car and I think it would have been a bit of a tight squeeze getting us all in.

Not really knowing much about the land  rover models I asked some of the guys I worked who were land rover owners and fans what they thought would be the best model choice for me and we came up with the Discovery and this was my first ever land south devon offroad club trial 2rover.

It was a series 1 300tdi which I purchased in 2008,I paid £1200 for it and after getting to know the car and things like engaging the low gear ratio and diff locking the transfer box and when and why to do it, we took the car including dogs to the lakes. What a car, just so comfortable and what you can get in there including dogs was no body’s business.

Trouble with land rovers is what they can do, you want to discover their off road abilities and when you start doing a little bit of off roading you want your vehicle to do more, then you want to protect it more and you need to be able to get out of a situation if you are stuck, this brings you into all the catalogue’s with all the shiny things like aggressive tyres body protection and winches. I got all of this for the Discovery over the course of time and started entering events held by 4×4 clubs.

offroad trial1One of the problems with these events are that they are held in woodlands and the more experience that you get the more competitive that you become, trees and discovery’s don’t go well together. Well to cut a long story short I more or less ended up wrecking the discovery but it served a purpose and had me well and truly addicted to the land rover.

In the meantime I had part exchanged my jaguar and got a mk3 l322 td6 Range Rover which had solved the doggy transport and the discovery wasn’t really safe to take on the road anymore, with the demise of my discovery the next obvious choice of vehicle was the defender 90, my good friend Andy who I first met when I took my disco up to his garage for repair had this amazing 90, I was more or less hooked on the 90 whilst in the process of wrecking my poor old disco. I managed to purchase a 90 for good money and I ended up breaking my disco and the money I made from it paid for a lot of modifications on the new 90.

This is some early pictures of my 90 and the main improvements were the external roll cage and the side protection, anything that kept you away from trees normally saved your truck .

077My beast

All I ever used this truck for was competitions, that is apart from when my daughter asked me to drive  her to her wedding in it. The competitions were called Punch Hunts which basically involved little red plastic tweezer shaped punches placed in very obscure locations which normally involved winching and your car ending up in some precarious positions which sometimes made your bum twitch a bit, once you were near the punch a card which was tethered to your vehicle was presented to it and would be indented by the punch.

Below is a selection of photographs that were taking during punch hunt competitions, it really is a fantastic bit of fun and a good day and you make some good friends .

As I mentioned earlier my daughter Carly asked me to take her to the wedding in my truck, Carly loved the truck as much as me and she would often be my crewman/winch slave and would end up having a fantastic day if a bit grubby ha ha, but I think that you will all agree that she scrubs up well for her day, I was one proud father that day. Anyway that is my land rover story hope that you enjoy it as well as the photos.

carly offroadingcarlys wedding day