The Kiel Canal

In April this year my friends and me were tasked with taking one of our company vessels to the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea, starting from Cuxhaven our passage would take us up the river Elbe to Brunsbuttel locks which is the start of the Kiel canal, which would take us up to the locks at Kiel and then into the Baltic sea. The Kiel canal is approximately 61miles long with a speed limit of 8 knots which makes it a nice leisurely cruise.

The canal is very busy with waterborne traffic and you will find all shapes and sizes of vessels during your passage, quite surprising was the scenery during the passage as the flatlands of Europe ranging from Belgium to Demark is normally very boring and flat. There was plenty going on in the canal ranging from some nice looking riverside towns some beautiful properties and some very nice countryside, also as I said earlier it is a very busy commercial waterway with enough types of shipping passing through to satisfy any ship spotter.

As you can see there is a lot going on in canal with quite a variation of ships transiting through it, in the next set of photographs you will see some of the lovely properties that are on the banks of the canal, also the car ferries which are at regular distances along the waterway for people to cross.

After our departure from Kiel and as we entered the Baltic for the last part of our transit we were greeted with one of the best days that I have ever sailed into,sunrise with lovely conditions